Converting To Tourism: How One Trip Baptized Me

I know it’s been way too long since I last posted on here, but I took some time off to reset and take care of a few things. Somehow that turned into a short vacation in Atlanta, on top on my longer getaway in Ghana, made me realize that my behind has been in New York far too long and needs to escape more. I love my city and all that it has, which is damn near everything, but I think my life needed the experience of being away even though I have so many great things going on right now. Especially since we Americans tend to think that our country is the center of the universe, and doing something like going to one of the coasts or hopping the border is an adventure. (No disrespect as I’ve been to San Diego and it is a lovely city.) There is simply too much out there to see, and life is too short to stay in one place. So, I hope to build up the collection of stickers and stamps on my passport as that will be my new bible. You heard me right.

But I am feeling refreshed now and have quite a bit currently in the works. For those who stumbled upon this place as a result of my trip to Ghana, I use this site to host my journalism work and tried my hand at blogging my overseas journey while I was away. I am not sure when my next trip will be, so sadly I will probably have very little to write about traveling wise in the near future. I will try my best to do more with this site though than just repost stories I’ve done or things related to the news. In the meantime, a fellow Brooklyn College graduate started her own blog on traveling called Real Time Travlr and interviewed me about my first time being a sightseer in a different country. I also sent her a few pictures, so enjoy the words and sights:

Flight Path: Ghana Study Abroad With Seve Chambers

Also, while I was away I forgot to mention that the New York Times blog that I write for posted up a quick Q&A of a Rwandan artist who lives in Bedford Stuyvesant. You can also look on the Times site and find a review of a concert she performed at for Lincoln Center outdoors last month:

Born In Rwanda, Inspired By Bed-Stuy

I’m working on a few stories now and hope to have much more to say on here in the future. I am always open to suggestions though if you have any!


One thought on “Converting To Tourism: How One Trip Baptized Me

  1. Hey Seve,

    just reading your latest post. Since you mention that while in the South you were able to pick up on more of the African traditions being preserved, I wonder if the next time you are here you might ask Africans who are living in the south whether that is there observation as well. Just a thought.

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