Fort Greene Festival: Photography Assignment For The Local

Don’t know how I forgot to post this up before, guess I got a little caught up in my work. My recent blog post on the Local was a bit different from my previous assignments as a writer and broadcaster. I covered the kick off party for the annual Fort Greene Festival, and instead of writing or telling the story I took photos and let them speak on how fun the occasion was. The guests for the evening included Rosie Perez, Michaela Angela Davis and Danny Simmons, who all spoke about how great the concept of the Festival is, and world renowned DJs such as Ali Shaheed Muhammad of A Tribe Called Quest and Rich Medina kept the crowd dancing throughout the night. I used to take pictures at concerts for my personal collection, so this was not entirely new to me. But it was still great to learn a few things and brush up on old skills.

I will not be around to go to the festival since it’s in June when I will be away in Ghana. You can get information about it though and see my photos at the link below:

Kicking Off The Fort Greene Festival – The Local


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